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Do you want to be fat, obese and overweight for the rest of your life?

Then, be aware and check out What Food Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know
Reading and understanding a nutrition label doesn't require a degree in nutrition, but it does require that you look beyond the fancy claims on the front of the box.

If you know how to read between the lines of the marketing spin for shedding pounds, you too can know how to make the most nutritious choices for your diet without having to read the fine print.

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    By law, food labels must be truthful. But manufactures can pick and choose which facts to highlight and spin. As a consumer, your best option is to disregard the claims on the front of the package because, while they may be true, it may not tell you the whole story.

    Check out most popular food package claims used by food manufacturers and what they really mean for you and your health.

    Ask yourself, "Does this food company have my diet health in mind?" The more processed a food is, the less reliable the claims on its package become.

    "What Is Your Ideal Body Weight?"

    Body Mass Index Calculator
    calculate your BMI

    The American Institute for Cancer Research's guidelines require a person to maintain a BMI of between 18.5 and 25. This is considered to be within ideal body weight range. A BMI between 25 to 27 is overweight and presents a potential health risk and a BMI above 30 is considered to be a significant health risk.

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    Obesity Weight Loss Management Control Reports

  • Success For Healthy Obesity Weight Control Can Be Possible!
    Have you tried dieting, exercising and support groups for shedding pounds, but found they seem never to work? Did you have weight loss only to quickly gain it back?

    Your doctor will have to be informed with your medical history before prescribing a medicine for obesity or any kind of weight loss, to make sure that you've considered your options seriously and that your request for a Xenical weight loss prescription drug isn't a hasty one.

    Brain Pills You have to follow a nutritional eating plan, such as the one developed by the American Heart Association. Your doctor may recommend you should take a daily multivitamin supplement for shedding pounds that contains vitamins D, E, and K and beta carotene for your healthy weight management needs. Patients treated with this medicine and a reduced-calorie diet for one year lost an average of 13.4 pounds while those on a reduced-calorie diet alone lost 5.8 pounds.

  • Can obesity cause acid reflux pain?
    Here's another reason to tackle obesity: Trimming down could help avoid or ease acid reflux heartburn pain. Obesity raises the risk of GERD and two other conditions -- erosive esophagitis and cancer of the esophagus

    Fitness training in-home exercise videos for losing weight & shedding pounds...

    Posted by: Marissa - Home Remedy for Obesity Control
    Despite so many things causing obesity, doctors even today believe that too much of fatty foodstuffs and a shortage of physical activity is the biggest cause of obesity. On the other hand, avoiding junk food and going for a protein diet plan for shedding pounds is thought to be an effective way of obesity control.

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