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    The Perfect Smile Teeth Appearance Dentistry Solutions

    Creating the Perfect Smile

    The Perfect Smile More people than ever are concerned about the appearance of their teeth and there are numerous solutions available to ensure that everyone has the teeth that they want. Teeth whitening is very popular and there are two main ways in which teeth whitening procedures work. Bleaching is the traditional way to whiten teeth and this involves using hydrogen peroxide to bleach the outside of the teeth and sometimes the inside too. This treatment is available at the dentists, cosmetic clinic or even with home kits. Laser whitening also involves the use of bleach, with the addition of laser light at the start of the treatment. This helps to speed the whitening process up.

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    Veneers are also one of the traditional solutions for correcting the appearance of front teeth that are very discoloured. Veneers are always made from moulds of the original teeth, meaning that they will fit exactly. For those who have small gaps in their teeth, correction is available with a minor procedure or even laser procedures.

    Occasionally there is need for replacement of teeth that have been lost through disease or trauma and dentures are available to replace these missing teeth. Dentures are prosthetic teeth and they can be a complete set of teeth or just those attached to a removable bridge. A bridge works by attaching a moulded tooth to existing teeth.

    Other types of dental implants may also be suitable for gaps. An implant itself uses a tiny screw or rod, to replace the root of a tooth. This screw will eventually fuse with the jawbone as part of the healing process. Once it has fused with the jawbone, one or more false teeth attach to the screw.

    There are different types of dental implants available. A Plate Form Dental Implant is suitable for those who have narrow jawbones and a Subperiosteal Dental Implant is suitable if the bone is not wide enough or high enough to accept the screw.

    Immediate Load Dental Implants are available at the time of extraction of the existing tooth. This is quite a new technique and will not be suitable for everyone. There are also Mini Dental Implants that can support dentures, bridges and crowns. These still contain a screw, but also have an O-ring at the top of the screw that attaches to the base of the dentures.

    With so many different types of implants for missing teeth available, for those who are considering improving their smile, specialist advice is required to ensure that information is available on all implant options.

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