"About Kamagra generic Viagra equivalent and user's true story personal experience "
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Best consumer drug product prices comparison guide

Kamagra equivalent Qty/Dose
Product Prices Information & sales
30 tablet of 100mg $96.00 USD Click for info and buy Kamagra
60 tablets of 100mg
$159.00 USD Click for info and buy Kamagra
100 tablets of 100mgs
$219.00 USD Click for info and buy Kamagra
250 tablets of 100mg
$499.00 USD Click for info and buy Kamagra

Viagra brand Qty/Dosages
Product Prices Information & sales
30 tablet of 100mg $650.00 USD Click for info and buy Viagra
60 tablets of 100mg
$940.00 USD Click for info and buy Viagra

About Kamagra generic Viagra equivalent prescription drug

A Indian version of sildenafil oral therapy for ED (erectile dysfunction) containing sildenafil citrate, the exact same active ingredient as found in Pfizer pharmaceuticals ViagraŽ brand. Manufactured in accordance with World Health Organization standards and guidelines.

Kamagra online Rx discount pharmacy review

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USA shipping information
Since the pharmacy is overseas, all shipments originate there and are flown into New York City by US courier to clear customs and be turned over to US Courier for delivery in the U.S.

During this leg of the trip it is not practical to track the package with the international air courier tracking number, because it will almost certainly be in New York and already have an US Courier tracking number long before anyone would normally begin tracking it.

US Courier then uses their domestic fleet of planes and trucks to deliver the shipment to their distribution center nearest your address, from which the package comes to your door by way of an US Courier delivery truck.

If no one will be at your delivery address to sign for the shipment during the time it should arrive, you can leave a note on the door directing delivery to a neighbor who can sign for the package on your behalf.

If no one can sign for the delivery Swiss Post will leave a notice with the shipment number and a contact phone number so you can call them and arrange delivery.

If the delivery address is a post office box, US Courier will not accept it, and the overseas courier will mail the package to the PO box by US Courier.

Why Kamagra consumer cost prices are so low

Just like any generic pharmaceutical, it is less expensive than the brand name equivalent. The reason that you can buy it for less at a online drugstore is that you don't pay for branding, marketing, advertising or a costly sales force or overhead. The cost savings are past directly on to you.
buying generic viagra
Kamagra is a generic version of ViagraŽ
  • The active ingredient sildenafil citrate, is the chemical equivalent of ViagraŽ.
  • Viagra is the brand name of Pfizer and Kamagra is also a brand name for generic sildenafil citrate.
  • Since active ingredients are the same, it therefore works the same way.

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    Viagra brand and generic product consumer sale price comparisons.
    Generic ViagraBest Prices
    30 tablets of 100mg$120 USD
    Viagra brand (sildenafil citrate)Best Prices
    30 tablets of 100mg$650 USD
    Click here for cheap Kamagra generic product $2 dose.

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    Cialis, Levitra brand and generic consumer sale price comparisons.
    Cialis 20mgBest Prices
    Generic 30 tablets $135 USD
    Brand 30 tablets$669 USD
    Levitra 20mgBest Prices
    Generic 30 tablets $179 USD
    Brand 30 tablets$757 USD

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    Kamagra user's true story personal experience!

    "I've been using Viagra for two years. This weekend was my first try with generic Kamagra prescription drug pills, and I want to say it was very sucessful. I had tried to not get my hopes up too much, but it worked the same as Viagra because, it has the same active ingredient. I went to this online discount Pharmacy and boy, did I save a lot of money!
    Jimmy - age 59

    Medical Health Advice!

    Remember that no prescription medicine is for everyone. If you use nitrate drugs, often used to control chest pain (also known as angina), don't take Sildenafil citrate. This combination could cause your blood pressure to drop to an unsafe or life-threatening level. Be sure to ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.

    Kamagra comes in 100 mg tablets, however most people can split each tablet in half for two 50mg doses. It's best to start off by cutting the two 50mg dosages in half again and take 25mg dosage for less drug side effects.

    If you do not get the results you expect, talk with your doctor. You and your doctor can determine the dose that works best for you.

    Do not take more Kamagra than your online doctor prescribes. If you think you need a larger dose, check with your doctor.

    It should not be taken more than once a day. If you are older than 65 years, or have serious liver or kidney problems, your doctor may start you at the lowest dose (25 mg) of Kamagra. If you are taking protease inhibitors, such as for the treatment of HIV, your doctor may recommend a 25 mg dose and may limit you to a maximum single dose of 25mg of Kamagra in a 48-hour period.

    Alcohol will alter the effects.

    Do not take will penis erection enhancements (I.E. vacuum pump, penile injection etc..)

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  • Supports ejaculatory control
  • Enjoy longer lasting pleasure
  • Does not dull tactile sensation
  • Promotes relaxation and increased sexual satisfaction
  • No adverse side effects

  • Order now $49.50 a bottle

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    User true story personal experience
    Hello, name is Jose. I have a problem keeping a erection because of diabetes. My doctor recommended Viagra prescription drug. I now take generic Kamagra anti-impotence pills. It has the same active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) so, it works the same and it is a lot cheaper.
    Click to order Kamagra online.