"When My Girlfriend Ask's Me To Make Love, I Can't!"
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    STD Single Support

    Posted by:just-a-bloke
    hey all, im 18 year old virgin. yea, ive been together with a girl for a few months now and when it comes time to she wanting to make love i cannot perform. When she first gets to my place it comes up easy but after a few hours off being together she ask's to make love , i just cant perform, a hour or so after she leaves i'm ready to perform love making easy, but i really wanna make love with this girl, any reason why I can't get ready, is something wrong with me any way i can fix it?, or u rekon i should just make love just as she gets over.

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    Reply by: Tom
    I think you may have a male performance anxiety problem. The anxiety is usually fear-based. It's the sense of fear of performing in a certain way where you're partner's going to be disappointed. She's seems to be running the show. Because of her display of self-confidence and mood control you will have to re-evaluate mental focus, you may be affected. You may think you will be unable to perform up to her expectations. You have to be more confident in your self. Just try to start the ball rolling just when she gets over, before she starts controlling the mood. I use Viagra sometimes to help me with more confidence.

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    Since the relationship failed once, you may be afraid to get it started again. Lots of guys experience this ...

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  • - She used to turn me on by touching me and I loved it. And now she touches me down there and its nothing.

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    I've had two instances where I've lost readyness after about 15-20 minutes and couldn't regain sexual abilities (mainly because I kept focusing on the fact I lost it) and had one experience where I lost it, but regained love making ability. I also had an experience where I just couldn't get ready at all. I'd get a semi-ready, but never firm enough to do anything...

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