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"Boyfriend Gets Penis Irritation (Dick Burn) After Sex!"
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    vigorelle clitoris orgasms cream

    Posted by: Amberf
    After my guy and I have sex, sometimes he gets this friction sore spot right around the head of his penis,under the "mushroom". He calls it dick burn. Is this normal or is there something we can do about the friction sores?

    Reply by: mike
    Hello Amberf,
    That's a very sensitive area of the penis right around the head of his penis,under the "mushroom". It seems you may not have a very "wet vagina" (vaginal dryness) during intercourse causing irritation "dick burn friction sores" to his penis.

    Having sex without adequate Penis lubrication could be one source of the penis irritation "dick burn", if there isnít enough lubricant such as Wet Platium to help decrease the friction of skin against skin.

    You didnít say whether your boyfriend uses condoms but they can also cause irritation,or allergic reaction, especially without enough lubricant. If youíre using latex condoms, it is also possible, though less likely, that your bodyfriend could have some irritation as a result. There are now condoms made from thin polyurethane that may cause no irritation or allergic reaction.

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    Be sure to use water-based lubricants (Wet Platium lubicant applications for relief from vaginal dryness) and allow plenty of time for both of you to become aroused before insertion. Just apply a good drop of gel on the vaginal entrance.

    If the irritation continues, he should seek the advice of a doctor about the sore spot.

    Reply by:sam
    Wet Platium is simply the best lubricant, especially for first timers. It came highly recommended by a friend. We used it for the first week to get used to intimacy. It worked very very well with no penis Irritation. After that we tried K.Y., but it just didn't work well, not in comparison anyway. This is Definitely a must on your wedding night.

    Reply by: herb
    A problem that women often have, for a variety of reasons, is vaginal dryness.

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    Seafood supplements for women that nourish the skin such as omega can help. Evening primrose oil (treatment of premenstrual syndrome) is quite effective, but do not expect results for about 6-8 weeks. A simple lubricant is often all thatís needed for vaginal dryness.

    Vagina Lubricants should be water soluble and those that contain wild yam (which elevates progesterone levels) can be very effective. VitaVulva (yikes) is an all natural wild yam salve that is olive oil based and made by Moon Maid Botanicals, a Knoxville company. Vigorelleô cream applied on the vagina then creates a "warm tingling" sensation that speeds arousal and encourages her body's natural lubrication.
    Check with doctor to see what is right for you.

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