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Re: After using generic Viagra, I get headaches.

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Posted by john
: After taking generic viagra then, after having sex I get a headache.

Posted by lax In Reply to: After using generic Viagra, I get headaches. posted by john:

I had that problem taking the erectile dysfunction treatment after a meal. It seems the Caverta medicine makes me contipated so I have the headaches. I know that because, I get headaches (without taking sildenafil) when I haven't gone to the bathroom in a long time. So, I take a very mild laxitive and when I go to the bathroom the headaches go away.

Now I take the very mild laxitive when I take the impotence medication after a meal and I havn't had any headaches. I guess that's why it's better to take the male sexual dysfunction drug on a empty stomach. Not after a meal.

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