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  • The generic active ingredient sildenafil citrate, is the chemical equivalent of ViagraŽ.
  • Since active ingredients are the same, it therefore works the same way.

  • Sildenafil citrate is the drug the FDA approved in 1998.
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    Up to 30 million American men suffer from sexual dysfunction (impotence). Until recently, sexual dysfunction has been effectively treated with injections, surgery, and other procedures, many of which are painful and embarrassing. In March 1998, the FDA announced that Viagra, a new drug from Pfizer, Inc., has been approved as treatment for male erectile dysfunction/impotence.
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    This Rx discount pharmacy is able to offer individuals afflicted with erectile dysfunction an evaluation for suitability to prescriptions drug therapy. The evaluation is performed by qualified MD physicians in a manner which is simple, secure, and without embarrassment.
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    Why deal with your impotence on the Internet? With a Rx online discount pharmacy you communicate your sexual problems frankly to the physicians and avoid personal embarrassment. If you have had a recent medical examination and are healthy, the online physicians can prescribe Viagra or generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) based upon your medical history.
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    Patients must complete a Medical Doctor's questionnaire which will be reviewed by the internet physicians. If the physician approves the patient's use of this impotence remedy, you will have your MD drug prescriptions dispensed and shipped. If you are approved, you may order additional refills. There will be NO charge for the MD consultations.
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    You can read this and other commonly asked questions, by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We also highly recommend you familiarize yourself with all aspects of this impotence treatment by reading the prescription drug information at Also, visit men's sexual health discussion board and post your questions for your sexual health problems.

    Order Viagra and generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) online
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