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Sleep is important for your mental health, physiology and it aids in repairing the body. Many people who have trouble sleeping tend to suffer from headaches, fatigue, inability to focus, liver diseases and paranoia.

With such outcomes, those who suffer from insomnia or lack of sleeplessness turn to a wide range of medications and sleeping aids for them to get some deepsleep or sleep much faster when they get to bed.

However, getting good sound deepsleep does not have to be that complicated. Below are some insomnia guidelines or sleep Deprivation tips to assist you in achieving good and productive sleep.

1. Maintain a regular sleeping habit. This means that you should practice going to bed and waking up in the morning at a particular time. This will help the body adjust to a constant time for sleeping and waking up. This should also be done during weekends. The more you keep changing your sleeping time, the more you are likely to suffer from sleep related problems.

2. A little exercise before going to bed will help. You could take part in simple activities such as walking for few minutes before going to sleep. Your lack of sleep may be as result of insufficient levels of oxygen. Exercising a little will boost the oxygen levels and cause you to sleep much better.

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    3. If you are stressed up or upset, you will likely not to have good night sleep. Instead, take part in relaxing activities such as watching TV, reading a book, a warm bath, listening to soothing music and so on. The goal of these activities is to make you more relaxed and enable you to have good night sleep.

    4. Although some people find it easy to sleep after watching TV, others have trouble sleeping after spending hours watching TV. Watching TV arouses the mind making it continue being active even after you have gone to bed. If having trouble sleeping after watching TV, do something else such as reading or listening to music.

    5. Eliminate or reduce background noise. Those sharing the house or room with others will often be distracted from sound or noisy activities taking place. Common noise that will prevent you from sleeping usually comes from the TV or Radio. So for smooth sleep, reduce the radio or TV volume and if no one is using them, switch them off for sleep deprivation.

    6. For sleep deprivation, reduce your soda or coffee intake prior to sleeping. Coffee contains nicotine which acts as a stimulant. Drinking coffee before going to bed will disrupt your sleeping patterns. Another liquid that should be avoided is alcohol. Just like coffee, taking alcohol some minutes before sleeping will interrupt your sleep.

    7. Avoid eating heavy meals before going to bed. The food eaten makes the body more active and this will prevent you from having good sleep. To avoid eating too much at night, make sure not to skip breakfast and lunch.

    8. Make the room comfortable for sleeping. If the sleeping mattress is not comfortable buy another mattress for sleep deprivation. Make the room as dark as possible to prevent distractions caused by light.

    Following the above steps will help you with your sleep deprivation problem and with practice, you will experience quality sleep.

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    Living with insomnia
    goodtoknow, UK
    I've tried loads of things to cure my insomnia, like acupuncture, bedtime teas, hops and valerian tincture (which are herbs which help you relax, ...

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