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"Viagra Users Speak Out"
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Viagra user speaks out
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    YES, now you too can end impotence.

    Viagra 25mg worked just fine for me. Within 30 minutes of taking the impotence prescription drug I have an erection pointing at the ceiling. A strong erection that lasts . Within the four hour period I can have multiple erections. Not bad for a 66 year old man.
    K. Baker

    Tried the generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 50mg. In 15 minutes acted like a turborcharger, made me feel l9 again. Sorry sildenafil citrate doesn't work for everyone, but for those who have had a positive experience with generic Viagra or Viagra, it brings a whole new dimension to one's life, and a smile to your partner.
    T. Burroughs

    My husband has been diabetic for 36 years. He is 40. He started having problems with keeping an erection so his doctor put him on the Viagra 50 mg. pill and I must say it works! We can go for hours now. Our love life has never been better! My husband had testicular cancer last year and lost one "unit" to this, also had 6 months of chemotherapy and another major surgery. The good news is that he is cancer-free to date. The bad news has been his inability to get an erection since then! The doc said it was because the chemo killed a lot of the important blood vessels that he needs.

    I did not think it was such a problem, but he did. (Sometimes, he actually is smarter than me!) So he saw his urologist yesterday and was prescribed Viagra. He tried it for the first time tonight. It worked very well!!! I did not realize the importance of "sex" in a relationship, but I guess he did. I hate to admit this, but we have not been able to have sex in over a year now.

    I did not understand his anger and frustration, but I think it was the "guy thing" that us females do not understand fully. (Self-esteem, "manhood," and all that.) He finally opened up to me about all of this frustration and told me he was prescribed Viagra and was anxious to know how it worked.

    Well...Viagra did work! I feel a lot better about us (and me) now, and so does he. I am still amazed at how much sex plays a role in a relationship. We are both 40 years old, and have been married for 7 years. Thanks, Viagra!

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